Interior Design Trends | Kitchen Styles 2016

Gardner Interior Concepts – Kitchen Design Styles and Trends 2016

Gardner Interior Concepts was one of Cape Town’s top four kitchen designers participating in the Franke ‘Heart of the Home’ Kitchen Design Project, at DecorexSA (Cape Town 2016).


Gardner Interior Concepts showcased their vision for kitchen designs and materials to encapsulate and demonstrate the phrase ‘heart of the home’. According to Patrick Gardner, modern family lifestyles are evolving, and this evolution is changing both the role and the design of the modern kitchen.


Says, Patrick: “The only real opportunity today’s families get to spend quality time together is while preparing dinner. For this reason, great emphasis is placed on including the kitchen in the rest of the house’s layout. And, with property prices rising and properties becoming smaller, more and more we’re seeing walls coming down and homes being opened up.”


The Gardner Interior Concepts kitchen display at Decorex blends classic and contemporary ideas, with a twist. Patrick explained the rationale: “We want to encourage customers to embrace both past and present trends, which we believe will yield something more balanced in the future.”

Custom Kitchen Design Ideas – Optimizing and Saving Space

Patrick further contends that the optimization of space is key to modern kitchen design and adds: “Ingenious pantry pullouts, new versions of the lazy Susan, drawer inserts, wall-hung utensils, flap-down options all ensure no space goes to waste in the efficient kitchens of today.”





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Interior Design Trends | Kitchen Styles 2016

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