The Top Ten Interior Designers and Decorators | Cape Town | South Africa | Part 1

Making the cut

Today I am feeling brave. Very brave.


Today marks the publication of the results of our project: Finding the Top Ten Interior Designers and Decorators in Cape Town. This project was launched exclusively to deliver the definitive list of Cape Town’s best Interior Designers and Decorators. The A-list!

Artistic expression – by its very nature – is an emotionally charged domain, and having to pronounce judgment on artistic endeavor, is akin to disturbing a hornet’s nest. It must be approached cautiously and sensitively.


Negative feedback can easily be the fuse that ignites a swarm of powerful emotions, while unfavorable ratings may result in a sting of lingering resentment.

Nonetheless, this “Top 10” list will be published without fear or favor, because these results flow from a rigorous process-driven project, focused only on one primary objective: Discovering the best of the best in Cape Town – by Design.

There was no easy solution, no shortcut and no quick formula to rate or compare the huge talent, creativity and innovative potential of Cape Town’s top Interior Designers and Decorators, but this project has left no stone unturned in its quest to discover Cape Town’s very best Interior Designers and Decorators.


Premised on fairness and objectivity, this project used an innovative approach and a future-proof methodology to support its revolutionary “rating” philosophy. A new approach was an essential component of our aim to set the results of this project apart from, and way ahead of other similar projects. No other projects provide the level of fairness or accuracy required for rating, promoting and advertising the top Interior Design companies or the best Interior Designers and Decorators in Cape Town.

This project therefore started with a clean slate, choosing transparent, honest and uniform feedback over assumptions, opinions and self-promoting propaganda. This was the only way to ensuring its independence, credibility, authority and acceptability, while mitigating challenges to its legitimacy.


The results of this project are delivered as is – without embellishment and ornamentation. There is also no artistic or poetic license to mask deficiencies with superficial decoration. There in no room for consternation as the results of this project emanate from frank feedback and open consultation.

The ultimate list of Cape Town’s Top Ten Interior Designers and Decorators was compiled within the framework of important considerations, such as the ground-rules, qualification criteria and other pertinent factors. Together, these elements guided the selection process to finally illuminate Cape Town’s creme de la creme – the masters of the Interior Design and Decorating game.

This esteemed group of top Interior Designers and Decorators are the flag-bearers for the Interior Design industry in Cape Town. It is however important to note the following:

  • Not all of these top Designers and Decorators are associated with famous Interior Design and Decorating firms;
  • Not all of these top Designers and Decorators own popular Interior Design and Decorating businesses, and
  • Not all of these top Designers and Decorators have had their portfolios featured in glossy magazines.


Yet, all these Interior Designers and Decorators are at the pinnacle of their profession. They fully deserve all the plaudits and accolades because…

  • Their designs are striking; they captivate our eyes – alluring masterpieces of scale and size;
  • Their decorations exceed our vision and desire – with one magical touch, they enthrall and inspire;
  • Their natural affinity for colors and textures can never be taught in courses and lectures;
  • Their innate flair for geometry and symmetry, can only be labeled “Interior Design wizardry”;
  • Their work is breathtaking, it makes us excited, while their artistic twists leave us delighted;
  • Their designs surpass average anonymity and they challenge our views and ideas of normality.


These are the qualities displayed by Cape Town’s Top Ten Interior Designers and Decorators. They are superstars – a cut above the rest.

We applaud and salute them – they are Cape Town’s very best!

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The Top Ten Interior Designers and Decorators | Cape Town | South Africa | Part 1

Gardner Interior Concepts | Commercial | Residential | Interior Designers

“We straddle the intersection of living spaces and society and we design to enhance life. Our solutions are inspiring, creative and innovative – transforming the way we live today.” ~ Gardner Interior Concepts.











Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) – Interior Design Project Updates

Each and every aspect of our projects including scope, space planning, design aesthetics and above all, budgeting, are carefully monitored and meticulously managed, to ensure excellent results, all the way from start to finish.

Gardner Interior Concepts Latest Projects (click to view project)

What our satisfied customers say…

Dear Patrick … Just want to say a few words of appreciation for
the wonderful work you have done for me …. The bedside tables look so
“chic ” … The handles which Rowellyn attached today look so good . thanks again
Kind regards .

Good day

Subject: Solid construction (Edited for relevance…)

My name is Derek and we moved into our house in 2001.

This is just a note to praise you on building solid kitchen units. When we moved into the house I could not afford a new kitchen so just re-arranged the units to suit our needs. The units still have some of your ‘Gardner Brothers’ stickers on it for a customer ‘Miller’. These unit must have been installed prior to 1996.

This year in June 2016, with a new kitchen design, I used the same units which is still solid. I only had to cut off the bottom and fit legs.

Once again thank you for building solid kitchen units.



Hi Patrick,

I missed the actual installation but it looks fantastic – in fact, it looks like it has been missing all these years and is now “complete”. So many thanks for the great job to you and your staff.

Kind regards,

Hi Patrick,

Your guys did a great job, I’m happy with my installation. Thanks. See photos.





The gentlemen you have working for you are some of the best that have worked for us. You should be proud of the team you have. Thanks once again.

Best Regards,
PS / We will pass along the good work completed by your company every chance we get.

Make the right choice. Contact Gardner Interior Concepts for your next project. Join our family and let’s create a masterpiece, together.

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Cape Town Interior Designers | Giving Life to Space

Interior Design – for Flight or Delight

Have you ever walked into a room (not the dentist’s) for the first time and immediately felt unsettled and uncomfortable? Instinctively you retreat, with an intuitive sense that something isn’t right.


This experience cannot compare to the pleasure of walking into a room for the first time and immediately feeling calm and relaxed. Such a room seemingly welcomes and embraces you, making you feel good.


The Power of Interior Design

These contrasting reactions are not conscious choices or premeditated physiological responses. We experience these responses on an emotional level – instantaneously and silently, but powerfully.

When a room or space impacts us positively we feel relaxed and comfortable. A negative impact, on the other hand, may trigger a “flight” response which we cannot suppress. We may eventually be overwhelmed by this response and beat a hasty and hopefully graceful retreat.

Visual information can act as a cue to stimulate powerful emotional responses and evoke feelings which ultimately form our experience of a place or space.

Design for Fright

The room is perfectly designed: Grey, cold and sterile. The emptiness punctuated only by the central focal point comprised of a bare metal table and matching chair, ominously perched in the glare of a bright white light.


This unmistakable image depicts the typical interrogation room featured in movies. A space designed to unsettle, unnerve and evoke mortal fear. The design of this room is aimed exclusively at uncovering the truth. And so it does, by creating a cold and fearsome environment for the unfortunate occupant of the chair.

Design for Transformation

Yet, this very same room can be transformed almost instantly – from hostility to tranquility. It can become a warm and peaceful sanctuary for quiet contemplation, by design. This can be achieved quickly and easily by changing the color and the lighting, adding some tasteful furnishings, introducing some inspiring decor and perhaps adding a few topical books.


We get Out what we Design In

Buildings, homes, rooms and spaces are all merely containers or shells, even if they are designed to have their own unique personality. As a shell or container, a space is therefore ultimately defined by its contents. The type of objects and the placement of these objects give definition to a space.


By extension, the design of the container, together with the nature and placement of its contents, determine the character, personality and mood of that space. And ultimately all these elements add to the impact which that space has on those who use it.

The Art and Science of Interior Design

This is essentially the art and science of Interior Design:

The practical provision of functionality, using technical design expressed with artistic talent and flair, within the framework of science, to cause ripples in our continuum of space-time.

To simplify: Interior Design is all about creating beautiful, usable and functional spaces, to enhance our lives and trigger our emotions with striking visual richness.

Really? Yes indeed! I think so…

Inspired design is awe-inspiring. It has an ethereal energy. Transparent at its best, it causes time to stand still as it teleports or catapults us into a time warp, to a different time and place. Our travel will invariably be interrupted and our return to the present may leave us both shaken and stirred.


Great design is the ultimate marriage of art and science, and touches spirit in a special way – infinitely. It is timeless. It has no boundaries. This is where nature shows us the way.
Design Alive
At night the starry heavens greet us with a magical, majestic dark tapestry with highlights of stars and lights. Inspiring. Enchanting. Magnetic. It has a profound effect on our senses – it touches the soul.


The oceans have an equally profound effect on us, as does so many other wonders of our natural world. An effect that is best described with silence.

Our universe – the Master Designer and undoubtedly the greatest designer known to man – uses the canvas of nature to showcase the most glorious and breathtaking designs. Through nature, we are surrounded by the perfect union of art and science every day. It is everywhere and it is alive! The earth. The heavens. The oceans.


Choose the right Designer

Interior designers display their professional mastery using the space as their canvas and creating a masterpiece within the framework of a project. With their skill and expertise a space becomes more and more alive with every addition of a carefully selected object or decoration.

At Gardner Interior (Concepts Cape Town) it is our passion and our mission to give life to space with inspired Interior Design. With us, your project is not just another project. We provide a service to enhance your life.

Contact us today for a superior customer experience and live the difference…

Cape Town Interior Designers | Giving Life to Space

Interior Design Trends | Kitchen Styles 2016

Gardner Interior Concepts – Kitchen Design Styles and Trends 2016

Gardner Interior Concepts was one of Cape Town’s top four kitchen designers participating in the Franke ‘Heart of the Home’ Kitchen Design Project, at DecorexSA (Cape Town 2016).


Gardner Interior Concepts showcased their vision for kitchen designs and materials to encapsulate and demonstrate the phrase ‘heart of the home’. According to Patrick Gardner, modern family lifestyles are evolving, and this evolution is changing both the role and the design of the modern kitchen.


Says, Patrick: “The only real opportunity today’s families get to spend quality time together is while preparing dinner. For this reason, great emphasis is placed on including the kitchen in the rest of the house’s layout. And, with property prices rising and properties becoming smaller, more and more we’re seeing walls coming down and homes being opened up.”


The Gardner Interior Concepts kitchen display at Decorex blends classic and contemporary ideas, with a twist. Patrick explained the rationale: “We want to encourage customers to embrace both past and present trends, which we believe will yield something more balanced in the future.”

Custom Kitchen Design Ideas – Optimizing and Saving Space

Patrick further contends that the optimization of space is key to modern kitchen design and adds: “Ingenious pantry pullouts, new versions of the lazy Susan, drawer inserts, wall-hung utensils, flap-down options all ensure no space goes to waste in the efficient kitchens of today.”





Click here to view some of the many successful bespoke kitchen design projects delivered by our Interior Design team.

Be inspired and contact Gardner Interior Concepts and join our family today.

Interior Design Trends | Kitchen Styles 2016

Gardner Interior Concepts | New Website Timeline

Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) warmly welcomes you to our new and finally completed website. Thank-you for visiting! We hope that you find our new website useful, helpful and informative. Our site is all about sharing information – mainly about what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, how we can help you.

Our site has been designed to provide inspiration and ideas while showcasing only a very limited number of our successful projects. We are proud to share our achievements with you.

Please drop us a comment with your feedback on our new site. Your input will assist us in serving you even better. Simply click on the “Comments” link below to submit your views and ideas.

We are committed to providing you with the best available user experience and serve you with distinction. Contact us today and let’s turn this virtual contact into a beneficial personal contract.

Thanks again for visiting!
Yours in Inspiring Design,
Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town).

Gardner Interior Concepts | New Website Timeline

Gardner Interior Concepts New Website Launch

Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) warmly welcomes you to our new website. Thanks for visiting!

We are super excited about the launch of our brand new website, which showcases our offerings as one Cape Town’s top Interior Designers and Shopfitting service providers.

But first, we have to curb our enthusiasm with an upfront apology to you. Why?

We’ve launched our website way before it is 100% complete, due mainly to pressure and demand from both our current and prospective customers. In order to remain true to our motto, “If you do it, do it right!” we have to maintain our high standards. This is particularly important in our interaction with you – as a valued customer and visitor.

We are using this opportunity as a platform to engage with you, regarding the new look and feel of our website, and invite you to use the comments section below (click on comments link) to submit your feedback and your ideas to help us serve you better. We will use your feedback to enhance our site and ultimately align with your needs and answer your questions, to provide an inspiring visitor experience.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and trust that the available content serves to reliably inform you as to who we are, what we do and how we do it…

Please do not hesitate to engage with us on any matter, via your preferred contact method.

Thanks for visiting!
Yours in Design,
Gardner Interior Concepts.

Gardner Interior Concepts New Website Launch

Gardner Interior Concepts Does Decorex Cape Town

Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) will be featuring at Africa’s largest decor, design and lifestyle exhibition portfolio, Decorex SA, when it showcases in Cape Town from 29 April to 2 May 2016.

Who and what is Decorex SA?

Decorex SA – founded in 1994 – has become the décor and design industry’s leading and most trusted brand and will host South Africa’s premier décor, design and lifestyle exhibition showcases in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Decorex SA’s 2016 theme encapsulates the trending new Interior Design philosophy, “Take It Home, Make It Home”.

This theme is built on the premise that interiors no longer only express their constituent elements within the confines of their space and architecture, but also speak to deeper elements, such as the manner and spirit of their creation. The Gardner Interior Concepts exhibition stand will demonstrate their vision for the custom kitchen design concept, “Heart of the home”.

This is the thread woven through the exhibitions and promises all the visitors, including consumers and professionals, an almost infinite range of take-home products and trend-led inspiration, and ideas.

Decorex SA, is a one stop shop for every room in the house and every space around the home, and provides everything you may need to renovate, restore, build or decorate. Whether your need is DIY, decorating, state of the art kitchens, bathroom sanctuaries, building materials, furnishing fabrics, furniture or Crockery, Decorex SA encourages you to take it home and make it home.

Be inspired! Come and meet the friendly Gardner Interior Concepts Interior Design team at Africa’s greatest decor, design and lifestyle exhibition portfolio.

Decorex Details:

Decorex Cape Town: 29 April – 2 May 2016
Time: 10am to 7pm daily (6pm Monday)
Trade Day: 29 April
Venue: CTICC

You can book right away or e-mail decorexsa at ThebeReed dot co dot za, for more information.

Gardner Interior Concepts Does Decorex Cape Town