Gardner Interior Concepts New Website Launch

Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) warmly welcomes you to our new website. Thanks for visiting!

We are super excited about the launch of our brand new website, which showcases our offerings as one Cape Town’s top Interior Designers and Shopfitting service providers.

But first, we have to curb our enthusiasm with an upfront apology to you. Why?

We’ve launched our website way before it is 100% complete, due mainly to pressure and demand from both our current and prospective customers. In order to remain true to our motto, “If you do it, do it right!” we have to maintain our high standards. This is particularly important in our interaction with you – as a valued customer and visitor.

We are using this opportunity as a platform to engage with you, regarding the new look and feel of our website, and invite you to use the comments section below (click on comments link) to submit your feedback and your ideas to help us serve you better. We will use your feedback to enhance our site and ultimately align with your needs and answer your questions, to provide an inspiring visitor experience.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and trust that the available content serves to reliably inform you as to who we are, what we do and how we do it…

Please do not hesitate to engage with us on any matter, via your preferred contact method.

Thanks for visiting!
Yours in Design,
Gardner Interior Concepts.

Gardner Interior Concepts New Website Launch

Gardner Interior Concepts Does Decorex Cape Town

Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) will be featuring at Africa’s largest decor, design and lifestyle exhibition portfolio, Decorex SA, when it showcases in Cape Town from 29 April to 2 May 2016.

Who and what is Decorex SA?

Decorex SA – founded in 1994 – has become the décor and design industry’s leading and most trusted brand and will host South Africa’s premier décor, design and lifestyle exhibition showcases in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Decorex SA’s 2016 theme encapsulates the trending new Interior Design philosophy, “Take It Home, Make It Home”.

This theme is built on the premise that interiors no longer only express their constituent elements within the confines of their space and architecture, but also speak to deeper elements, such as the manner and spirit of their creation. The Gardner Interior Concepts exhibition stand will demonstrate their vision for the custom kitchen design concept, “Heart of the home”.

This is the thread woven through the exhibitions and promises all the visitors, including consumers and professionals, an almost infinite range of take-home products and trend-led inspiration, and ideas.

Decorex SA, is a one stop shop for every room in the house and every space around the home, and provides everything you may need to renovate, restore, build or decorate. Whether your need is DIY, decorating, state of the art kitchens, bathroom sanctuaries, building materials, furnishing fabrics, furniture or Crockery, Decorex SA encourages you to take it home and make it home.

Be inspired! Come and meet the friendly Gardner Interior Concepts Interior Design team at Africa’s greatest decor, design and lifestyle exhibition portfolio.

Decorex Details:

Decorex Cape Town: 29 April – 2 May 2016
Time: 10am to 7pm daily (6pm Monday)
Trade Day: 29 April
Venue: CTICC

You can book right away or e-mail decorexsa at ThebeReed dot co dot za, for more information.

Gardner Interior Concepts Does Decorex Cape Town