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Creating An Environment For Success

A shop-fitting project is both challenging and complex, but ultimately very rewarding – once everything comes together and the results reflect the objectives.


A successful shop-fitting project is built on sound judgment, well-informed decisions and prudent action. The results of a project mirror the choices made throughout the life-cycle of that project.

At Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town), we offer all our customers a personalized, full service, end-to-end solution, based on their specific requirements. Our solutions include consulting, advice, planning, procurement, manufacturing and project management to ensure that the best choices are made, every step of the way. All our solutions are tailor-made, exclusive and unique – blending innovative ideas, best practice and the latest trends – to meet your needs and satisfy your requirements.

Our creative approach allows our designers to bring you the best solutions for your business and for your customers. We wrap our solutions in an attractive package, to support your objectives and free you to focus on your business. We are committed to providing excellent service and exceeding your expectations across the project spectrum.


Whatever the nature of your business, or your requirements – whether you require a new fitting, re-branding or a fresh new look – we will deliver a solution that enhances your brand and keeps your customers coming back. Our solutions are pragmatic, aesthetically-pleasing and function-rich, in order to attract, captivate and retain your customers.

We understand that business growth results from continued patronage and loyalty – the cornerstones of profitability – and our business is to help your business do good business.

Speak to our consultants today and discover how we can help you take your business to the next level, together. We offer a free no-obligation consultation to define your requirements. We also provide objective, practical, professional advice to guide you towards your objectives and realize your dreams.

Our end-to-end full service packages covers the full conception-visualization-realization cycle. We assign a designated designer and project manager to every project, backed up by our full support team, from start to finish.


For a hassle-free shop-fitting project that offers excellent returns on your investment and delights your customers, come to Gardner Interior Concepts, where our friendly staff will happily assist you with any inquiry or request.

We give our customers the option of choosing their level of engagement, i.e. how they receive feedback and choose to manage progress reviews, time-lines and milestones. We up the ante on convenience and also offer a wide range of accessories which are trendy, stylish and fit-for-purpose, in line with the choice of installation, be it vintage, modern or any other style.



We have the experience and expertise to either manage, or assist with your branding and signage, in order to simplify your selection of color, lighting, flooring, fixtures, fittings, materials, layout, displays, counters, access, flow and pay-point installations.


The hallmarks of all our projects solutions are excellent customer service and quality delivery, from sign-up to sign-off – based on attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. You can trust us to deliver on all your joinery, carpentry, electrical and plumbing requirements, to bring you an unparalleled one-stop-shop experience.

Why delay? Speak to Gardner Interior Concepts today for an inspiring shop-fitting project, done the right way.

Make an inspired choice. Call Gardner Interior Concepts right away and join our family today.

Cape Town Shopfitters | Shopfitting Designed for Success

Cape Town Shopfitters | Artfully Integrating Science and Psychology

Shopfitting – A Potent Tool For Business Growth

The long-term survival and profitability of a business is determined solely by its market impact.


In order to create a positive impact and build a sustainable enterprise, a business must master the art of effective customer engagement.

If a business fails in this regard, an early demise due to decreasing patronage and diminishing customer loyalty is inevitable. An active customer base is the heart-beat of a thriving business. Without any customers, there is no business.

In the past, high-quality products and excellent customer service differentiated market-leading businesses from their competitors, but today, times have changed…

Prolonged spells of adverse trading conditions are challenging and testing both the resilience and agility of of every enterprise on many levels. The global economy is mired in uncertainty and customer confidence is waning – hamstrung by financial constraints.


Businesses are forced to do more than simply excel at their core competencies in order to remain relevant and competitive. To remain economically viable a business must evolve and adapt to the prevailing market forces which currently place the customer firmly in the pound seats. Expensive marketing campaigns and catchy slogans no longer guarantee increased footfall, patronage or market domination.

The role of CRM

Although CRM systems play a crucial role in customer management programs, an enterprise must maximize returns by doing more with less. This includes leveraging their assets and optimizing their resources to exploit every available opportunity.

The art of “Customer Relationship Management” or “Customer Retention Management”, transcends the capabilities of a software package. There is a very strong correlation between the success of a business and its ability to attract new customers and this places a premium on the quality of the interaction that a business has with its audience – prospects and customers.


Presentation – The Portal to Customer Engagement

It is often said that presentation is king. This is absolutely correct. Presentation is everything. Businesses focused on attracting and retaining customers, must invest meaningfully in finding and implementing the best options to present their offerings to their audience. Presentation is the first step in the customer engagement process, irrespective of the location of a business.

Businesses operating from a virtual location in cyberspace face the same “presentation” challenges as those operating from a traditional, physical brick and mortar location.

The presentation of a business is often the first point of contact with a prospective customer. First impressions last, and we only have one chance to make a first impression. These are two timeless truisms that are particularly relevant in the business world.

Modern-day customers are more discerning and look beyond the hype and marketing tricks. Customers or prospects may subliminally equate a professional presentation with the overall professionalism of a business. The presentation of a business is akin to a silent salesperson. It creates a presence and speaks volumes for a business – silently.

An effective presentation is attractive and magnetic. It appeals to the senses and immediately generates interest – akin to a lure and a hook! A business that underestimates the importance of the presentation aspect of its operation will soon find its customers voting with their feet – taking their wallets and patronage somewhere else. The risk of missing out on a high quality product, excellent service or a good deal seldom overrides the drawbacks of poor presentation.


A well-constructed presentation with an irresistible call to action is often the clincher as it converts prospects into customers and expedites the process of closing a deal. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on optimizing the presentation of your offerings for a traditional brick and mortar location.

Consult an Expert

At Gardner Interior Concepts – Cape Town’s leading shopfitting specialists – we are committed to providing your business with the tools for success by delivering solutions that drive effective customer engagement to accelerate business growth.


Our comprehensive service portfolio covers every aspect of designing new stores, offices, kiosks, showrooms and businesses and we also offer innovative solutions for refurbishing, remodeling and renovating. We see your business as the art, displayed on the canvas of a brick and mortar container. We focus on designing inspiring and appealing presentation spaces which create a compelling “sales environment” – conducive to facilitating engagement and leaving your customers with a lasting and indelible impression of your brand.

Enhancing the customer experience

We use science, art and psychology to maximize the impact of your brand by creating a unique, superior and unforgettable customer experience. For customers, retail therapy is as much about ambiance, setting and impact as it is about getting what you want in exchange for your hard-earned dollars.

It is an emotional experience which can be enhanced by various triggers such as lighting, colors, scents, music and overall design within an optimal floor plan and layout. We also include customer comfort, safety and security components in our designs.

Integrating Optimal Space Usage, Flow and Design

Natural flow is an integral feature of our design and at the forefront of our space-planning considerations. Customer flow management can make or break the customer experience. The first impression of your layout, presentation features and signage will immediately influence a customer’s choice as to whether they retreat in haste, or succumb to the irresistible urge to step inside and explore your offerings at close quarters.

Our mission is to optimize your available floor-space for effective usage with an intuitive layout, effective signage and captivating presentation features that are primed to guide your customers along a strategically designed path around the store – from the moment they enter – all the way to your point of sale installations.

To simplify browsing, we can provide different zones to house specific items or categories, together with special zones for featured products or services. We also provide all the required display features, fixtures and fittings.


Our design is informed by the intended flow of traffic, the location of “must see” zones and any other designated “high traffic” areas. We ensure that the design of your point of sale installations, queuing areas and priority displays does not affect traffic flow or impede access to any area.


The implementation of a shopfitting solution that delivers on your expectations and reflects your brand is not an easy exercise. For the best results, it’s advisable to enlist the help of an expert once you have crystallized the objectives of your project. Specialists can help you avoid the many hidden and costly pitfalls of this domain.

The help of an expert can ensure that your results enhance your brand and accelerates business growth. A solution that works well for your customers and gains their seal of approval, is the ultimate reward for your efforts.

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Contact Cape Town’s specialist shopfitters, Gardner Interior Concepts, today for professional advice with your project. We have both the industry expertise and experience to provide the best design solution for your business. Our obligation-free advisory and planning service will assist you with the creation of a dynamic environment to support and enhance your operation, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Simply share your requirements with us and we will do the rest to ensure that your business makes a positive, significant and sustainable market impact. Our solutions including space planning and optimization for intuitive traffic flow, as well as displays, cabinets, shelving, fixtures, flooring and suitable lighting, signage and colors.

Our solutions are designed to “sell” your brand and captivate your customers to ensure business growth, longevity and profitability to guarantee exceptional returns on your investment.

Make a positive impact. Make your first impression last. Make the right choice.

Contact Gardner Interior Concepts today and get your shopfitting project done right, the first time.

Cape Town Shopfitters | Artfully Integrating Science and Psychology