The greatest feeling in the world is knowing that someone has your back. In a high-pressure, deadline-driven workplace, such as the Gardner Interior Concepts‘ manufacturing workshop – which delivers all their custom built components – success if the result of team spirit and camaraderie.

Besides having a significantly positive effect on office morale, the team spirit at Gardner Interior Concepts creates a vibrant and energetic organization.


There is no manager who is able to lead an organization, micro-manage individuals and steer the ship simultaneously. And no human being can be in two places at the same time. Having staff who are trustworthy, dependable, reliable and instinctively do the right thing, is priceless!

The Gardner Interior Concepts team embodies the phrase “Happy staff equals productive staff”. Each team member views Service Excellence as the portal to customer satisfaction. Delivering great service also enhances the reputation and credibility of an organization. At Gardner Interior Concepts, high standards are normal and excellent service is real.

GIC-Gardner- Interior-Concepts-Interior-Design-Team-Cape-Town-A2

Says Patrick Gardner: “All I can say is… I am loving the spirit at Gardner Interior Concepts at the moment. I thought I had no energy to see me through to the end of the year, after signing numerous contracts which has just turned a great year into an exceptional year.” Patrick continues, “I’m tired and stressed, but when I look around, my staff are on such a buzz… And doing things without me even asking…What an inspiration! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!”

A dream team indeed. Priceless!