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Beautifully designed cupboards in Cape Town & surrounds

Cabinetry refers to the design of all kinds of box-shaped furniture items that are manufactured with the idea to store something on the inside. These may include anything from kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, drawers, and more. If you require the services of a design team that can help you manufacture and install cupboards in Cape Town, or nearby, that meet your exact spatial and design requirements, you can be sure that our team will offer excellent services.

Gardner Interior Concepts is your one-stop joinery shop for bespoke interior design solutions, including everything from bedroom and bathroom redesigns, to custom manufactured cabinets, cupboards, furniture items, and more. We manage and deliver local and international projects to serve your residential and commercial interior design needs – and no matter how big or small the project, we always strive to deliver our absolute best.

Our cabinetry solutions include a wide range of items:

We offer complete custom design solutions for all your woodwork and cabinetry requirements, be it for commercial or residential requirements. Our team goes to immense effort to understand the exact specifications of each client’s project, thereby ensuring that the result that is delivered is up to standard and meets the client brief.

By staying up to the with all the latest advancements in the design industry, especially when it comes to cabinetry and woodwork, we can provide our clients with advanced and comprehensive solutions.

Our cabinetry services include the design, manufacture and installation of the items listed below. For more information, feel free to click on the relevant link:

>>> Cupboards

>>> Cabinets

>>> Closets

>>> Doors and Stairs

>>> Dressing Rooms

>>> Interiors

>>> Units

>>> Shelving

>>> Vanities

Are you interested in acquiring custom made cupboards in Cape Town? Feel free to contact our team to discuss your requirements, or simply browse through our cabinetry portfolios for some further inspiration.