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Are you planning to revamp, remodel or refurbish your home or office? Do you need a change or upgrade to an interior space at your home or office? Does your showroom, shop or business need a facelift or some TLC?

Gardner Interior Concepts is entrenched as an industry leader, expert manufacturer and premier supplier of high quality custom designed woodwork installations. We serve the residential and commercial markets, locally and abroad, and over the past 45 years we have become a respected service provider in the industry.

Our custom-built solutions will enhance your home, office, shop or business. We have built our reputation on delivering excellent services and providing practical, creative and inspiring solutions, no matter what our clients’ requirements are. Whether you are in need of a team to conduct a complete home renovation, or you wish to modernise the interior of your office, you can count on our expertise.

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Any property – be it domestic, commercial, or industrial – is a great investment and you should get as much out of it as possible. Getting professional help to assist with interior aspects of your property can help you to add more value, whilst also optimising the space you have available. Our highly-skilled team of professional craftsmen includes designers, carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers and shopfitters. They offer advice, ideas, support, planning and project management services to all our clients with interior design and renovation requirements.

Whether you wish to imprint your own personality in the interior style of your home, or you want to ensure that the interior of your office space is as professional as it can be, you can count on our experienced team. We have assisted with the interiors of a diversity of spaces and will g o out of our way to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

When thinking about interior spaces, it is not only important to consider the aesthetics, but also the practicality. In an office, for example, you want to be sure that there is adequate storage and filing space to store all documents. In a home, you want to be sure that you leave enough space to comfortably move around, so make sure that you do not try to fit too many décor elements or furniture pieces into any one space.

Choose Gardner Interior Concepts – a top, end-to-end interior design company in Cape Town – for the best results. For reassurance on our service delivery, feel free to view our Achievements page for a list of high-profile projects which we have completed successfully.

Together, we can turn your home, shop, or office into a place you will love.

Our professional designers will help you transform any interior space into an exciting and inspiring one. Our décor services, including lighting, fittings and accessories, will add a special finishing touch to all our projects and makes our services some of the best in the industry. Besides our professionalism, another reason to consider using our services is the fact that we offer an end-to-end solution. By letting us manage your project, you can have peace of mind that the end result will be to your liking – and with our strict management team on board, you can be sure that the project will be completed on time and within budget.

Our in-house designers are backed by professional craftsmen to ensure that our custom joinery, carpentry, cabinetry and shopfitting designs are translated – made, built and installed – to the highest standards of quality and precision.

We offer collaborative, computer-aided design, which allows our clients to drive their own projects from start to finish, and also ensures a result that is in line with our clients’ expectations.

Contact Gardner Interior Concepts for professional office, shop, and home renovation solutions, and let’s add some magic to your property, together.