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Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) – Green Design

Gardner Interior Concepts supports “Green” design and the responsible use of our natural resources. Sustainability is very important to us and we consciously work towards conserving our environment and our resources.


We believe that we are all duty-bound, as global citizens, to actively contribute towards the cause of sustainability and ultimately, the survival of our planet.

We strive to live the “Reduce. Recycle. Re-use.” philosophy throughout all our operations and we allow it to permeate all our projects, every step of the way.

At Gardner Interior Concepts, “Green” is much more than a word. It is an integral part of our design culture. We fully embrace projects which have sustainability as a theme or an objective. This is exemplified in our blog post Our Green Facebook Project.

If you are considering adding a Green angle or dimension to your projects, or if you have a project with a Green theme or objective, we are absolutely delighted to assist you.

Together with our network of “Green” suppliers and service providers, we are perfectly positioned to guarantee and deliver your project successfully.

Contact Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) today, and explore how we can work together towards conserving our resources and save our planet for our children and theirs.

Let’s go Green!