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As global warming is becoming a bigger issue, and its effects are felt more and more, more people are considering Green construction practices in order to live a more sustainable life. Gardner Interior Concepts supports “Green” design and construction, and the responsible use of our natural resources. Besides the ecological benefits, opting to build or renovate sustainably can also be more affordable as you may be using more recycled materials to reconstruct your current interior.

Sustainability is very important to us and we consciously work towards conserving our environment and our resources. Therefore, if you wish to construct an eco friendly house or office, or you wish to upgrade your current property without causing further harm to the environment, we can assist.

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At Gardner Interior Concepts, “Green” is much more than a word. It is an integral part of our company’s design culture. We fully embrace projects which have sustainability as a theme or an objective. This is exemplified in our blog post Our Green Facebook Project.

During the completion of this project, we had to pay special attention to the materials we used as it was for an eco-conscious client. Our team thoroughly enjoyed this project, and we learned a lot about utilising different materials – such as reclaimed timber for wall cladding.

We believe that we are all duty-bound, as global citizens, to actively contribute towards the cause of sustainability and ultimately, the survival of our planet and all the resources that we have available. Through improved project management, and the utilisation of alternative resources and methods, we manage to complete our construction and remodelling projects without causing an excessive amount of damage to the environment.

We strive to live the “Reduce. Recycle. Re-use.” philosophy throughout all our operations and we allow it to permeate all our projects, every step of the way. One of the latest trends in renovations is reclaimed wood – this can be used to add character to your home and a lot of people use it for flooring purposes, or even as countertops. This is both a fashionable and sustainable choice!

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If you are considering adding a Green angle or dimension to your projects, or if you have a project with a Green theme or objective, we are absolutely delighted to assist you. Together with our network of “Green” suppliers and service providers, we are perfectly positioned to guarantee and deliver your project successfully.

We are staying up to date on the latest advancements in Green construction methods, and strive to keep improving our methods so that we can keep on minimising our impact on the environment.

Contact Gardner Interior Concepts today, and explore how we can work together to construct and eco friendly house or office, whilst conserving our resources and save our planet for our children and theirs. Our team is happy to assist you all the way.

Let’s go Green!