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Are you ready for a new kitchen?

Are you planning to remodel, refurbish or renovate your kitchen?

We can help you… Our kitchen design solutions are aesthetically-pleasing, function-rich and efficient.

Gardner Interior Concepts (Cape Town) offers inspiring Kitchen Design solutions. We are Cape Town’s premier Kitchen Designers for over 45 years. Our exquisite kitchen designs will meet your needs and exceed your expectations – both practically and elegantly.

Our kitchen design solutions include cupboards, cabinets, islands, countertops, shelving, lighting, appliances, fittings, furniture, flooring and decor – for any kitchen layout, shape and size – according to your taste, style and requirements.

Kitchen Designs that work for you | Styles | Trends | Ideas | Plans

Let our professional kitchen designers turn your vision into a practical, functional and elegant kitchen design solution. Our kitchen designs are tailored to meet your needs, delivering smart functionality with practical efficiency.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the heartbeat of the family. Make your kitchen a family space – a warm and social cooking place. Our kitchen designs cater for every kitchen style and include cupboards, cabinets, islands, countertops, shelving, fittings, handles, lighting and furniture.

We offer a complete, end-to-end design and installation service. Our industry experience exceeds 45 years and we focus on excellent customer service. Our Interior Designers are supported by highly-skilled craftsmen who will manufacture and build the required components, and finally install your new kitchen.

You can select your accessories, lighting, decor, fixtures and fittings from our wide range to match your modern, contemporary, classic, traditional or hybrid kitchen design style.

Custom Built Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Plans and Styles

We provide ideas, plans and various designs for your preferred kitchen style. Our free advice covers all aspects of kitchen design, remodeling, planning and decorating.

Our interior designers will assist you with your choice of cupboards, furniture, appliances, cabinets and accessories – for a personal and distinctive finishing touch.

Come to Gardner Interior Concepts for free advice and expert planning services to realize your vision: A kitchen that warms your heart and your home – for years to come.

Bespoke Kitchens, Remodeling, Revamping and Renovating

Watch how your new kitchen comes to life as our designers introduce your ideas to our highly-advanced technology. Now you are able to preview, review and refine your ideas on the fly, even before your project starts.

Contact Gardner Interior Concepts today for your next kitchen project. Our team of expert joiners, carpenters and cabinet makers are ready and waiting to transform your kitchen…

Kitchens, Cabinets, Furniture and Cupboards (Cape Town Gallery)

Below follows a small sample of our Favorite Collection of Custom Design (bespoke) Kitchens, Kitchen Cupboards, Furniture and Cabinets. For more inspiration, connect with our Social Portfolios.

Custom Kitchen Design – Creative Storage and Space Optimization