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For quality, elegance and excellent service, let Gardner Interior Concepts assist you in bringing your ideal bedroom design to life. When entering your bedroom, it is important that you feel welcomed and relaxed. If your bedroom’s design and layout are currently unsatisfying, why not consider redesigning, revamping, or remodelling? With our team on your side, you can expect a beautiful result.

We are Cape Town’s premier interior designers and modellers and have been so for over 45 years. We offer personalized design (bespoke) solutions for your bedroom – or in the event that you own a hotel or guesthouse, we can take care of the redesign of all your establishments’ bedrooms in line with your ideas and specifications.

Our interior solutions include the design, manufacture, and installation of bedroom cupboards, cabinets, dressing rooms, closets, furniture and shelving. Our team is here to assist you in making your dream design come to life – whether you are looking for a modern and simplistic look, or you want your bedroom to be homier, you can rely on our team for a range of solutions that meet your needs.

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Our bedroom design services include

Gardner Interior Concepts offers creative solutions to enhance any space optimally and elegantly – including bedrooms of any shape or size. Innovation is the hallmark of all our custom solutions and we also strive to keep our solutions practical and functional.

When it comes to our bedroom designs, we strive to assist our clients in creating a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Besides taking care of the flooring, painting, tiling, or carpeting, we also specialise in manufacturing bespoke furniture pieces to ensure a flawless finish.

So, whether you have a design idea that includes wall-to-wall built-in cupboards, or you wish to create a more minimalistic space, you can count on our experienced team to make your design dreams come true.

When considering your brand-new bedroom, the size needs to be taken into account. If you have a small bedroom, you want to make sure that you do not choose furniture pieces that are too large as this will leave the space feeling cramped. Additional storage space might also be a good idea, since it will enable you to pack away more items – leaving you with more space to move around in, in the room.

Another tip to keep in mind is to keep the layout as simple as possible – a lot of people place furniture in their bedrooms which they never use.

Since our team has been assisting with bedroom interiors for many years, for commercial and domestic purposes, clients can count on us for professional advice and guidance to achieve the ideal result.

We utilise advanced design software

To ensure that the project is completed to a client’s satisfaction, we make use of visualization technology that enables clients to see the full picture before the construction commences. All elements are tweaked and finalized until the client is happy before the project starts – this saves both us and our clients time and money.

Our company’s reputation is built on superior craftsmanship, precision and excellent service. For the right solution, that suits both your preferences and your budget, choose our custom bedrooms, bedroom cupboards, walk-in dressing rooms and closets.

If you are interested in a bedroom design or remodel, feel free to speak to us today and let’s create the bedroom of your dreams – together.